Beyond the Secret Movie

Beyond the Secret Movie

Beyond the Secret The Awakening

Film Premiere


Beyond the Secret The Awakening 


Film Premiere

In 2006 a movie called “The Secret” changed lives all over the globe! It made us aware of a powerful phenomenon in our Universe called “The Law of Attraction”. We learned that thoughts become things, and what we believe at the deepest level is what we attract into our lives. Now nearly 14 years later, we are taking your understanding of the Law of Attraction to a whole new level in “Beyond The Secret” The Awakening.  

We are dispelling the myths, bridging the gaps to help you become empowered like never before. Join us as we go even deeper talking to some of original experts in ‘The Secret’ and be amazed at the extraordinary new insights and breakthroughs coming from some of the greatest thought leaders the world has ever seen! It’s time to discover your true power, it’s time for your Awakening, in ‘Beyond The Secret’.

John Assaraf and Jeffrey Levine

Castmembers John Assaraf and Jeffrey Levine (Executive Producer).

John Assaraf, Jeffrey Levine, and Hannah Hornstein

The cast-members pose at the film’s first viewing. 

Jeffrey Levine and John Sachtouras

Executive Produce Jeffrey Levine and John Sachtouras, AKA John The Greek; Entreprenuer, Business Owner, and Cast-Member of BTS The Awakening.

Jeffrey Levine and Dr. Theresa Dale

Dr. Theresa Dale endorses Dr. Jeffrey Levine’s New Workbook, Consistent Profitable Growth Map at Beyond The Secret The Awakening Universal Hilton Pre-Party.

Eric Zuley, Dr. Joe Vitale, Lisa Winston, and Jeffrey Levine

Internet Mogul, Eric Zuley poses with Dr. Joe Vitale, Lisa Winston, and Jeffrey Levine, at the BTS Film Preview, showcasing Jeffrey’s new Workbook, Consistent Profitable Growth Map.

Jeffrey Levine and Friends

This event was a wild success. The house was packed with  support from industry professionals. The Start of the Night – Jeffrey’s New Business Scaling Workbook, Consistent Profitable Growth Map

Jeffrey Levine and Hannah Hornstein

Jeffrey Levine shares his new workbook, Consistent Profitable Growth Map with Cast-Mate Hannah Hornstein of Virtuity Financial Partners.

Jeffrey Levine and Doug Vermeeren

Jeffrey Levine poses with Cast-Member Doug Vermeeren at the Beyond The Secret The Awakening preview at Universal Studios, California.

Jeffrey's New Workbook Was a Hit

All of the guests were delighted to learn about Jeffrey’s New Workbook, Consistent Profitable Growth Map, a perfect step up for those motivated to Action from watching BTS The Awakening.

Travis Fox and Jeffrey Levine

CEO Architect, Travis Fox loves the Consistent Profitable Growth map by Jeffrey Levine, He is pictured here with Jeffrey at the Beyond the Secret the Awakening.

Jeffrey Levine and Denis Waitley

Denis Waitley, Cast-Member of The Secret, appears with Exectutive Producer, Jeffrey Levine at the Beyond the Secret The Awakening Premiere at Universal Studios, California.

Jeffrey Levine and Friends

Many amazing individuals showed up to support this marvelous film about self-empowerment and the secret to success. 

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Consistent Profitable Growth Map

Consistent Profitable Growth Map

By Jeffrey Levine

Consistent Profitable Growth Map

How to Naviagte Your Business to a Profitable Exit

This workbook helps small business owners navigate from where they are today to profitable exit.

Best Selling Author

Jeffrey Levine

Mr. Levine’s most current work ‘Consistent Profitable Growth Map’ is a step by step workbook outlining easy to follow steps to convert consistent revenue growth to any business platform.

 Other books in this author’s series include:

  • The Power of Mentorship
  • From Adversity to Success
  • How to Navigate Your Business a Profitable Exit


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Jeffrey Levine makes difficult business models simple to understand and implement in a simple-to-follow format. A must-read to scale up your business in the new age.

– Thought Leader’s Digest

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September 9, 2020

Book Signing at IHP eZWay Awards Golden Gala • Newport, CA

Jeffrey Levine will hold a book signing for his new workbook, Consistent Profitable Growth Map.

December 10, 2020

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Join J Levine for a workshop guaranteed to create profitable results. Scale your business to sell. This workshop will go over the necessities for building a profitable exit strategy.

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