As leaders, this is an opportunity to build your team’s morale through motivation and encouragement.¬† You must function in a way that highlights collective good and group interests. This method of leadership increases organizational performance as well as job performance and is the most required right now.

Being a  transformational leader means you have to thoroughly consider how your team feels about themselves while assessing their newfound strengths and weaknesses. Surely you have evaluated their worth and respect for the company to maximum sustainability. If your method of inspiring stems from a charismatic expression of persuasiveness and mobilizes your team into progressive actions, you are more than like building a powerhouse of influential individuals who will be prepared and prone to dominate their industry in the upcoming months.  Your company, product, or service will be established as a trustworthy business model that can withstand adversities.

The best thing you can do as a transformational leader is to operate from a foundation of mission and emergence in order to impress your teams with the goals and mantras that will engage them to accomplish specific objectives while operating from a place of influence. Your intellect and ability to relate to feedback will allow you to read individual behaviors and understand the needs of subordinates to not only show them appreciation by meeting their reasonable requirements above and beyond the protocol to get tasks done efficiently, effectively, and most of all enthusiastically.  Such a leader will use the confidence of his people to obtain better overall results not just now but in the future.

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