Building a robust marketing approach to reach your brand’s desired population takes time so it is important to explore multiple avenues of outreach when executing your company’s strategic objectives, especially if you plan on selling sooner or later.

The right combination of digital and traditional marketing tactics can allow you to dramatically increase customer acquisition and retention as well as enhance branding opportunities to envelop more loyal supporters attracted to your products and services. As well, cutting out unnecessary expenses will also increase your bottom line profits making your company much more attractive to potential investors.

Offline or traditional marketing approaches combined with online or digital marketing strategies can provide inclusive solutions to reaching a broader range of customers. Basic traditional marketing methods can include direct mail, radio, or television advertising. These methods allow a business to highlight contact information, product lines, discounts, and much more to chosen audiences by familiarizing them with their brand or product lines repetitively. These methods are often more expensive than digital marketing options but often pay off greater in turn if geared toward the desired demographic.

Online marketing permits a company to increase visibility by diversifying its efforts between email funnels, site driving, blog conversion, social media integration, and search engine optimization. As well, many of a company’s internal and external operations can be outsourced for pennies on the dollar to established companies like administrative work, telecommunications, and HR. Investing in bookkeeping software and a reliable, cost-effective solution for credit card processing minimizes the impact of fees on your profits and provides you with simplified results that accurately determine cash flow and real profits. Your company can also make energy-efficient changes that decrease utility fees.

It is always easier and simpler to market and sell a business that has an effective marketing plan, is up to date with modern technology, isn’t over expensed, and has a simple accounting system. If your company requires tax support because you are pondering selling and want to avoid costly problems, I am available provide guidance with your tax planning and exit strategy objectives.

Jeffrey Levine
Your Dedicated Tax Planning Professional